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Add Discount to Ticket on SkyTab

To apply a Discount to a Ticket using SkyTab Mobile, use the following steps:

Select Ticket on SkyTab

  1. Begin by entering the PIN on your SkyTab Mobile device and press the check mark.

  2. Select the Ticket that needs to be discounted by pressing the circle next to it as shown in the picture.

Select Loyalty

Press the three dots as seen at the top or bottom of the screen.  Select Loyalty from the pop-up.

Enter Phone Number When Prompted

Enter a phone number in the provided field, then press Continue.

Choose the Correct Discount

Select the appropriate discount and press Save Loyalty.

Close Ticket

Once the discount has been added to the ticket, you can take a payment and close the ticket.

Tickets with loyalty discounts added will show with a special icon, as shown in the picture.