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Before You Begin

This guide assumes that you have already set up your receipt printer, and need to connect your SkyTab Glass device to the printer. If you have not connected the printer to the network, you should do so before continuing with this setup.

Set Payment Reader

Begin by navigating to Manager > Settings > Hardware, then tap on the Pin Pad tab.

Be sure to select Onboard Reader from the dropdown if it is not selected.

Assign Receipt Printer to Glass

Tap on the Printers tab in Hardware Settings. (If you were logged out, go to Manager > Settings > Hardware, then tap on Printers.)

Select your receipt printer from the Printers list on the left.

Tap on the Edit Printer Setup button.

Complete Receipt Printer Assignment

On the Edit Printer screen, verify and configure the following:

  • The printer should be set to IP.

  • Under Assigned Station, select the Terminal Number associated with your Glass device. You can find the Terminal Number in the upper right of your Glass screen, as shown in the image.

When you have completed the configuration, tap Save.

Requirement - Configure Tip Hints for Receipts

Navigate to Manager > Settings > Hardware > Printers.

Select your Receipts printer from the list on the left.

Enter values for each of the tip hints as shown on the screen, then tap Save.

Requirement - Tips Settings for Business

To ensure tip prompts work properly or are disabled on individual devices, first navigate to Manager > Settings > Business > Advanced.

Verify the following toggles are set properly:

  • Allow Tips Globally is set to ON

  • Finalize Credit Card Payments Immediately with No Tip is OFF

If you changed the settings, be sure to tap Save.

Configure Credit Tender

Go to Manager > Settings > Payments and select Credit from the list of Tenders.

Set the Prompt for Tip on Payment Device to ON, and tap Save.

Verify Tip Prompts are Disabled on External Pin Pad(s)

Navigate to Manager > Settings > Hardware > Pin Pad.

If you need to disable tips on the device, set the Prompt for Tips toggle to OFF. Unless otherwise needed, you will need to verify that this setting is OFF for an external pin pad attached to a SkyTab POS Workstation.

Be sure to tap Save once you are finished.