SkyTab KDS
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Select Order

Begin by selecting a ticket from My Checks.

Press Pay

Press the Pay button.

Select Tender

Select a tender from the list for the payment. Your list may differ slightly from the example screen.

Select Payment Amount

Depending on the tender you used, you will either be prompted to Pay in Full (Credit - shown in the first screen) or enter a tender amount (Cash - second screen example).

To complete a cash payment, use the number pad and press Continue. Select a Receipt Option to finish the payment.

Add Tip (Credit Payments)

When paying with a credit card, the guest will be prompted to add a tip. The guest can select one of the suggested percentages or use the Other or Cash Tip buttons.

Press Continue after the tip has been entered.

Insert Card and Select Receipt Option (Credit Payments)

Use the guest's card to complete the payment. Select a receipt option from the list.